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The fascinating landscape makes Vico Equense a place to visit for an itinerary discovering the most delightful panoramic terraces of the Campania region. The coast preceding the arrival in Vico Equense is a long route of small beaches, that anticipate the view of the Marina di Vico, a fishing village where you can find some beaches. Among the most charming places there is the “Scrajo”, rich in thermal springs. The gothic Cathedral, overlooking the sea in the city center, looks at the Marina di Aequa, area with many bars and restaurants. Besides the beauty of the sea, Vico Equense offers the opportunity of enjoying the mountain. Walking along the paths of Monte Faito, it is possible to admire an impressive and unique view, in close contact with nature.
Considered by all as “the door of the Sorrento Peninsula”, Vico Equense is very close to Sorrento and to the Amalfi Coast. The Aequa Hotel lies in a strategic position near to the main communication routes and to places of cultural and tourist interest of the area.

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