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Practical information

COVID restrictions

European Union citizens, entering Italy, must have a Green Pass (EU COVID digital certificate). Visitors from other countries are advised to check what form of COVID digital certificate are valide.

The Green Pass is also required for the attendance to the on-site sessions.


European Union citizens, entering Italy, must always have a valid passport or National Identity Card. Visitors from other countries are advised to check what form of ID is required with the individual airline, tour operator or travel agent before travelling. For detailed information about visa, please contact the Italian Embassy or Consulate in your home country. If you need an invitation letter to attend the event, you will be able to download an automatically generated letter in pdf during your registration.



The currency is the Euro (€), the single currency shared by most of the European Union's Member States, which together make up the so-called Eurozone. Credit cards such as VISA and MasterCard are widely accepted.



220 Volts AV at 50Hz. Do not forget to bring a proper universal non-grounded or grounded adapter plug for use in Continental Europe, if you are travelling from outside this area.



Participants will enjoy free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel.

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